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Our Mission  is an organization of immigrants and for immigrants.

Immigration contributes to our society. We promote legal immigration!
How to obtain a permanent residency visa or green card.

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Every year, millions of people try to enter the USA. Some of them risk huge amount of money and their lives to pay a "snakehead" tens of thousands dollars to be trafficked in. Actually, the US immigration laws have a section to allow some of those people come into the USA legally. Do not do anything stupid to risk your life and money to enter the country illegally while you can come in legally at a much lower cost.

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1. National Interest Waiver (NIW)

If you think your work is of national interests, you may consider NIW, which is a shortcut to obtain a green card without going through the labor certification process. You can sponsor yourself. There is no employment limitation.

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2. Extraordinary Ability (EA)

If you have nationally or internationally acclaimed achievements in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, you can file in this category. It is the first preference for employment based immigration. No job offer is required. You can file the petition on your own behalf.

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3. Labor Certification (PERM)

Most people apply for a green card through labor certification process if currently employed. The two main categories for employment based immigration that require labor certification are EB2 and EB3. PERM streamlines the labor certification application and makes it faster (processes in 45 days). However, you have to know the system yourself to use it. 

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4. Green Card Channels for J Visa Holders (GCJ)

If you hold a J visa, you may subject to the two- year home-country residence requirement. 

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5. Quiet Easy Asylum (QEA)

If you are from a communist country, OR if you changed your religion, OR if, for any reason you, fear the persecution should you return to your country, you are qualified to apply for asylum. It is a FREE, special way to get green card. Do not be loud. Do not offend anyone, any organization. Follow the instructions and samples in this package, file the petition quietly, you will find the paradise for you and for your family. After all, you have nothing to loss. 

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6. MultiNational Executive or Manager (MNM)

If you were employed abroad in a management position during at least one of
the 3 years preceding your application for admission into the U.S., and you enter the U.S. to be employed as an executive or manager for the same firm, corporation or legal entity or a subsidiary or affiliate of the entity that employed you abroad, you can file in this category. It is the first preference for employment based immigration. 

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7. H-1B Visa Do-It-Yourself

H-1B is a non-immigration visa that allows you to work legally. It is for specialty worker which means you need at least an Associate degree.  If you have an employment offer, full-time or part-time, three simple steps will get you the visa.

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8. O visa Do-it-yourself

3-year temporary working visa for alien with extraordinary ability. More...

9. H2B visa Do-it-yourself

1-year seasonal working visa. No qualifications required on the alien. More...

10. I-485 Q&A
Commonly asked questions are answered in this page when you are applying for adjustment of status.

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